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ELLE Magazine: ‘Rosas Café: El restaurante ‘dog friendly’


Elle Magazine shines the spot light on the Rosas Café experience and especially the ‘dog friendly’ environment.

It opened its doors a few months ago in Marbella and in a short time Rosas Café has become the ‘place to be’ for healthy food lovers who cannot separate themselves from their dog.

Every summer Marbella becomes one of the favorite destinations for lovers of sun, sand and luxury. But little by little, thanks to the hive of gastronomic openings that invade the city, it is becoming one of the favorite destinations at any time of the year.

Now that autumn has definitely settled in our lives, the trendy restaurants in Marbella do not slow down the pace of their kitchens and one of our favorite places promises to continue being the ‘place to be’ for lovers of healthy food, dogs and Instagram. We are talking about the incredible Rosas Café , the restaurant where your dog has its own food menu.

Every day there are more ‘dog friendly’ restaurants in our country so you can go out to eat accompanied by your pet, but Rosas Café Marbella wanted to go one step further by creating a restaurant where they will enjoy like never before.

Behind this ‘total pink’ project are Ana Santos and Amy Bowers, two entrepreneurial women who were eager to take on a challenge like this. Although they are ultimately the ones in charge of the project, Rosas Café emerged in a completely different context that did not go ahead, but the idea was so incredible that they did not want it to go to waste.

Ana Santos and her husband Bally Singh , a famous businessman known for organizing some of the most exclusive VIP parties in the world, often create brands and ideas together for beach club hotels and individuals. On this occasion, they created this concept for a luxury hotel in Marbella (for which they had come up with a different name) with which they did not reach a final agreement. It was then when Ana spoke with her friend Amy Bowers and together they decided to launch the Rosas Café restaurant.

Together they form the perfect tandem to develop Rosas Café. Ana, thanks to her career as a model, has been able to travel the world and visit some of the most creative places, both gastronomically and in terms of decoration. For her part, Amy has collaborated with animal shelters for years and signed up for the project immediately.

But, what do you eat at Rosas Café? Well, a little bit of everything. Their menu is very eclectic and is full of options for all tastes. It is also perfect for breakfast, brunch, snacks, snacks before dinner or any time you feel hungry, because it has endless salty and sweet creations. The best thing is that all the dishes are made without preservatives or additives, because they want their food to be 100% natural and make you feel at home.

Among its star dishes are the Huevos Rosas , which consists of two toasts with a poached ranchero egg on avocado, tomato and caramelized onion. But the dish that has become truly famous in Marbella is its Black Waffles , waffles drizzled with white chocolate sauce, packed with strawberries, banana and edible flowers.

But they also have delicious ‘bowls’ (the açai one fascinates us), ‘flatbreads’ with different accompaniments, hamburgers , salads loaded with ingredients, a tuna tartare with avocado and mango and even a salmorejo ideal to whet your appetite.

If you are more of a sweet tooth, you won’t be able to resist their exquisite pastries. In the restaurant itself they have pink display cases in which they show all the batches of the day and we tell you that it is impossible to resist. From ‘macarons’ to monumental cakes, including butter croissants and cinnamon rolls that will make you come back again and again.

But not only do they make all the products themselves, from the flatbreads to the jam on the toast, but they also have a highly developed ecological conscience and all the take away bags and boxes are made of paper and the straws are biodegradable or groceries. And in case you still haven’t fallen enough in love with Rosas Café, you will fall in love with this ‘dog friendly’ restaurant when you know that 5% of the proceeds from the dog menu go to animal associations.

The dog menu consists of some organic cookies, tubs of different flavors such as chicken or beef, smoked salmon macarons, pumpkin muffins or even a tea without theine for animals. A whole ‘foodie’ universe that you would have ever imagined for your dog.

But this pink-tinged animal fantasy doesn’t end there. The dogs also have a reserved bedding area so they are more comfortable and if you want you can move it next to your table so they can rest while you enjoy some zucchini spaghetti with chicken breast.

And there’s even more, because Rosas Café has become Instagram’s favorite Marbella restaurant thanks to its fabulous decoration, which combines some avant-garde details with a classic touch that transports us to French tea houses. With a name like that, a main color was to be expected and they wanted to play with up to seven different shades of pink throughout the premises. In addition, in total there are 35,000 roses decorating the walls of this charming bistro.

On their famous wall on which the sign ‘Have a cake day’ hangs, they have 20,000 roses and on the popular swing wall there are up to 15,000 . Which makes it impossible not to want a photo (or a few) to dye our Instagram pink.

In fact, hundreds of ‘influencers’ from all over the world have already passed through there, such as Jessica Rose, Yianni Charalambous, Ana Antic, Estefanía García or Maria Cheblakova , a regular client of Rosas Café Marbella.

We have already passed and taken all the required photos at Rosas Café Marbella. Now we just have to wait for them to land in Madrid because, as Ana Santos has told us, they are already looking for locations to expand their business to the capital and conquer all the Madrid residents and tourists in the city with roses.