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Conde Nast Traveler: The Restaurant where dogs have its own menu


CN Traveler shines the spot light on the Rosas Café experience and especially the ‘dog friendly’ menu. Here you will eat healthy, sustainable and with conscience. And your dog too.

As you read it: it has just opened and is in **Puerto Banús (Marbella, Málaga)**. Rosas is a new (and Instagrammable) bistro café created by two young entrepreneurs, where, in addition to a canine menu for your dog , you can also choose between their healthier proposals or their haute pastries and artisan pastries.

If you are one of those who go with your dog everywhere , you now have a new place to mark on your particular dog friendly map. And it’s in Spain!

Located in the Marbella urbanization of Puerto Banús , Rosas Café materializes (finally!) a very appealing concept for both pets and their owners.

For us, an extensive menu of breakfasts (which you can order until 6 in the afternoon), lunches, snacks or healthy dinners in which you can find everything from an açai bowl with edible flowers to kale chips , but if you are one of those with a sweet tooth, You can also make your own with their gluten-free macarons or cakes and their photogenic black activated charcoal waffles ( Roses Black Waffles ).

In their drinks menu they are not far behind: you will be surprised by their colored lattes ( blue with seaweed, green with matcha tea, black with black sesame or pink with hibiscus ), their coffee with turmeric or their almost 20 juices, smoothies and vitamin shots.

And for your dog, forget about the usual boring cookies , because here they are organic: cheese and apple, liver and carrot or honey and chamomile. If your pet is one of the gourmets, keep an eye on the organic lamb tub or the vegetarian broccoli and parsley muffin . Their menu for dogs is made up of nine dishes designed specifically for them.

All of this, in a place decorated with 35,000 roses and in pastel tones that seems straight out of any episode of Sex and the City . Yes, Rosas Café is very Carrie Bradshaw.

Its creators are two young entrepreneurs : Ana Santos , a woman from Salamanca who, after traveling the world for her work as a model, has found inspiration in countries as different as Asia or Mexico, passing through France or Australia and now begins her stage as a businesswoman with this project, and Amy Bowers , British and cosmetics expert.

They are both animal lovers : Amy collaborates with several animal shelters and Ana is especially sensitive to the issue because her sister is a full-time volunteer for the PeludoSOS Animal Sanctuary Association (Salamanca).** For this reason, the 5% of the proceeds from its special canine menu go to animal shelters.

In addition to their animal commitment , they go further **in favor of healthy eating **: they do not use colorants or additives, most of their products are organic and they are committed to sustainability .

An example: in their particular fight against the serious problem posed by the consumption of straws due to the waste they generate , Ana and Amy have chosen two types of straws for Rosas Café: some are biodegradable and others edible! Special mention deserves its organic coffee from the Tunki brand , from Peru, which also complies with fair trade regulations.

Fortunately, and increasingly, it is not only in big cities like Madrid that you can make plans with your dog. Take note: if you spend the summer in this area or are going to go soon, in addition to going to the Ventura de Mar dog beach , you can also entertain your dog while you pay tribute to yourself. Healthy or not… that’s up to you.