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Cosmopolitan: 36 best restaurants to go with your friends


Dishes that will make your mouth water in spaces with ‘instagrammable’ decorations. Traditional, international, fusion cuisine… We propose a route of essential restaurants to catch up with friends. To provide!
Are you one of those who wake up from Monday to Thursday thinking about the weekend? Us too, and the reason is more than obvious: plans with friends, and specifically dinners. Surely you and your group have your trusted bar or restaurant, from which you never leave and to which you turn whenever you leave the matter of booking until the last minute or, even, you get too lazy. It is that place where you have spent your best moments and where if the walls could talk they could tell a thousand stories. But he also admits that innovating from time to time is not bad either. In fact, your friend who spends the week searching for new places to dine (without success) will thank you. And we all like a good meal with wine or beer, that ends in a glass and that you can ‘post’ on Instagram, right? So if you are THE friend who ‘requete’ looks for the most ‘top’ places in the city to take your group and surprise them, today we bring you a list of the most charming places and with dishes to cry with pleasure. There are 36 restaurants in different cities in Spain where you can have that girls’ meeting that you have been waiting for so much during the week.

International nods and local products in this Marbella restaurant where every detail counts – they even have a menu designed for your pet. And if you want – even for a moment – ​​to dye life the sweetest color, let yourself be carried away by their Pink Eggs, with avocado and caramelized onion, and for dessert, some Pink Waffles, waffles with white chocolate sauce, strawberries, banana and flowers groceries. Average price: 25 euros.