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Our vision is to be a destination that embodies a sense of belonging, no matter where we are located around the world, where our customers feel at home while we deliver exceptional quality food in a sophisticated and fashionable manner.


We are excited to take Rosas Café around the globe and share our passion for food and culture. Learn more about our franchising opportunities below and get in touch.


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Elegance is timeless


Founded in 2018 in Marbella (Spain) by entrepreneur and international fashion model Ana Santos, Rosas Café has become a favourite meeting place for many locals or visitors to Marbella.


Since opening its doors, the café has catered for a diverse audience (including numerous international movie stars, Michelin starred chefs, content creators and fashionistas) that have all been enamoured to the café’s individual style, elegance and amazing café fare.


The store fitout and decor has been inspired by the many journeys Ana took throughout the world in her career as an international fashion model, Rosas Cafe is a place where traditional and modern architecture coexist. It combines elegance with modern luxury and reflects Ana’s passion for style.


Every object and every detail has been carefully chosen to tell the Rosas story. The interior of Rosas Café has been created to generate positive vibes and a feel-good atmosphere, but more than that, a place that becomes part of the customers ́ lifestyle at an emotional level.

Our Food

Our food centres around seasonal, Local produce used to create dishes from our mother’s kitchens, where 90% of all the produce that arrives in Rosas kitchen is locally or nationally produced. Our priority has always been supplier proximity and high-end quality.

Our Design

Rosas Café is recognized for its renowned brand identity and design, we provide expert advice and support on setting up your new venue to ensure it is in line with our brand and consistent across our group. We consider every detail of the space and ensure it offers our customers the best experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a destination that embodies a sense of belonging, no matter where we are located around the world, where our customers feel at home while we deliver exceptional quality food in a sophisticated and fashionable manner.

Ana Santos Matas


As the driving force behind Rosas Café, Ana Santos wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, renowned international fashion model, and dedicated philanthropist.


Departing her native Spain at only 18 for international studies, Ana seamlessly blended her academic pursuits with her love for the fashion world, embarking on a global modelling career that saw her in campaigns for some of the fashion world’s most prestig- ious brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Huda Beauty, Chopard, Maybelline, and Sephora.


Having successfully acquired a master’s degree in human resources and a degree in psychology, Ana continued her fashion odyssey around the world, further solidifying her presence. Amidst her diverse pursuits, Ana seized the opportunity to establish a marketing and events venture alongside her life and business partner, Bally Singh, birthing one of the world’s premier sports-centric events brands.


Driven by her unwavering passion for fashion, Ana crafted the concept of ‘Rosas Café, a brand deeply intertwined with her personal ethos. So profound was her attach- ment to the concept that she opted to retain ownership rather than parting with it to a prospective buyer.


Since 2018, Rosas Café has undeniably become the go-to destination for Marbella residents and visitors alike, earning accolades in print, television, and online as one of the “most Instagrammable cafés in the world.” Ana is exhilarated by the triumph of her inaugural personal venture and foresees a vast scope for expansion, envisioning additional locations not just in mainland Spain but also across the globe.


Rosas Café is sophisticated and elegant and offers a diverse and enticing menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Revolving around an all-day menu, produce is key for us.

Most cafes buy in their baked goods, Rosas Café has a separate bakery where fresh homemade cakes, cookies and pastries are baked daily.

Our cakes are a unique work of art, exceptional flavours and textures, premium natural ingredients and creative presentation make our cakes the best you will find and have become famous among the luxury brands such as Dior, Fendi or Gucci which regularly order from us for their events or special occasions.


What’s Included

Minimum of two weeks training in nominated established venue.
10 days side-by-side training and support post launch
Operations manual for your business and staff detailing everything you need to be successful. Established sales systems for stress-free and insightful business management. Guidance and support on venue fit out and design (for those setting up a new venue).


Our marketing team are responsible for all major campaigns, digital and social media, promotions, collaborations and point of sale materials – all activities having the primary focus of reaching and interacting with our regular and new customers, this makes the consumer feel connected to our business and then encourages them to interact with Rosas Cafe. This equates to an increase in revenue and strengthens the appeal of the Rosas Cafe brand, a win for the whole network.

Social Media

Social Media has become such an important part of any business and has really revolutionised the way we view food. Our strong online presence allows us to connect to our current and potential customers – a powerful marketing tool that continues to drive the success of Rosas Cafe. We’re proud that we are one of the most Instagrammable cafes in the World.

Our social media growth is exclusively organic, setting us apart from the majority of brands in the industry. Our unique strategy focuses on showcas- ing the authentic essence of Rosas.

Approximately 90% of the images shared on our social platforms are contributed by our clients, capturing the true representation of our dishes. Only about 10% of content comes from professional shoots highlighting new dishes or the launches of Menu Magazines. This approach not only reflects the true nature of our offerings but also fosters customer engagement. By encouraging customers to share their own photos, they become our “market- ing team”, amplifying our reach to a diverse, global audience.

Next Steps

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