The Worlds Most Instagramable Restaurant – It could Quite Possibly Be? – If Its Happening, Its Here!

When we opened up Instagram and Snapchat over the past week it became pretty obvious that everyone we knew was in one place!

If definitely feels as if we’re missing out, especially as that place is suddenly trending on social media with many commenting it is the “Worlds Most Instagramable Restaurant”

Time for us to visit!

Welcome To ‘Rosas Cafe Marbella’

Rosas Cafe is the brainchild of Ana Santos (wife of Bally Richlist) alongside her partner Amy Bowers, but not even they could not have imagined the hype that has surrounded the restaurant since they first opened their doors 5 short days ago.

Many unique features including a flower wall featuring over 20,000 individual roses has left many wanting to indulge in selfies and social media posts letting the world know where they are.

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