A luxury menu for pets on the shores of the Mediterranean

The Rosas Café restaurant , located in the luxurious Puerto Banús de Marbella , has devised a new gastronomy concept that includes the inclusion of pets in the culinary experience , for which it offers a menu focused on dogs with organic cookies, flavored tubs or tea without theine, as highlighted yesterday from the company.

Thus, the proposal “draws attention for its international winks and its ingredients from local commerce, a combo designed to succeed that has its canine replica ” by having its own menu. Regarding the menu, they pointed out that in it the customer can find various options, both sweet and salty, highlighting their breakfasts with “pink eggs, 2 toasts with a poached ranch egg on avocado, tomato and caramelized onion” or some waffles with sauce white chocolate with strawberries, banana and edible flowers.

Attention to detail is also present in the canine offer, consisting of “organic cookies, tubs of different flavors, smoked salmon macarons or a tea without theine for animals”, an idea that was born from the need for “the animal to enjoy just like its owner ”, allocating part of the profits to the associations, they said.

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