Can I invite my dog ​​to a restaurant? Yes, at Rosas Café they have a menu for him

Are you one of those who cannot separate from your pet? In this restaurant they are clear about it and that is why they have made their own menu for dogs.

Over the last few years, Marbella has been one of the preferred destinations for those looking for a place to enjoy an environment in which the sea and the sun are the protagonists. An idyllic setting that you can now enjoy with the company of your pet, the one you love so much … And it is that Rosas Café is clear about it and they bet on it , not without my pet!

Located in Puerto Banús, this restaurant is a pioneer in creating a specific menu for dogs, which has its own menu. For our mascot, the restaurant offers: organic biscuits, different flavored tubs, smoked salmon macarons or a caffeine-free tea for animals. Here it is about our mascot also feeling the protagonist with a menu suitable for them.

This idea arises from the need for the animal to enjoy the same as its owner and, above all, that it can accompany it to something as vital as it is routine: eating. But it is not only that, with this menu the restaurant undertakes that part of its profits go to the different animal associations in the area. An idea … right?

Not just dog food

Here if the pet feels like a queen, so do we. And it is that its menu is firmly committed to healthy food with international nods but with great relevance of local products.

From their ‘All Day Breakfast’ breakfasts  in which their Pink Eggs stand out, a plate of two toasts with poached ranchero egg on avocado, tomato and caramelized onion, to an irresistible sweet dish such as Pink Waffles , delicious waffles with sauce white chocolate, strawberries, banana and edible flowers. Is your mouth watering? We do …

As the day progresses, the menu transforms, offering more hearty options such as bowls, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and scandal tartares. All under a common denominator: 100% natural product that makes us feel at home, and that is that with our pet is much easier.

In it, sweet options are not lacking either And it is that behind its showcase, the space has a careful selection of homemade whims that it is impossible to resist such as its selection of macarons, cakes, butter croissants or cup cakes.

If we talk about its decoration and setting, it is a mixture of avant-garde and classic style that really captivates us, without forgetting that, as its name suggests, it is surrounded by flowers that adorn its walls and that will make us plunge into the most absolute zen .

Do you dare to go with your pet? 

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